Dave Berman: Personal Trainer For Your Inner Child
Dave Berman is a thought leader in the fields of laughter, hypnosis, and coaching. He is a consultant, author, and public speaker best known for producing videos demonstrating intentional laughter every day for nearly 3.5 years. 

Dave's laughter journey began with Laughter Yoga. He has since declared independence after ten years, as his innovative work evolved beyond its traditions, culture, and form. Rather than "fake it til you make it," Dave's work starts with the premise "laughter is the sound of joyful breathing." 

His exploratory approach emphasizes self-discovery, inner peace, and the elimination of psychological suffering via Laughter Life Lessons
In his coaching practice, Dave helps stressed, anxious, over-thinkers dissolve their comfort zones, take life less seriously, and discover unconditional access to unlimited creativity, curiosity, resilience, spontaneity, playfulness and other birthrights. He works with business and community groups striving for greater teamwork, productivity, and a healthier work environment. And he supports fellow hypnosis, coaching, and laughter professionals integrating their training, experiences, and insights for increased impact.
Originally from New York, Dave earned a B.S. in Communication from Cornell University and was a radio announcer for 10 years. He began his daily laughter practice in 2011 while living in California and working as a life coach and hypnotherapist. 

Dave’s groundbreaking work lead to co-writing Laughter for the Health of It with Kelley T. Woods, and co-creating with James Hazlerig the Laughnosis curriculum Dave taught while traveling the world in 2017.
Following his six month world tour, Dave spent most of the next two years exploring Urban Adventures in Playfulness - spontaneous interactions with people randomly encountered on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This fertile period of insight and creativity is reflected in Dave's archive of mini-classes and the ebook 5 Ways Laughter Will Change Your Life.

In May 2019, family matters prompted his temporary return to New York. Dave's indefinite international laughter adventure resumed in January 2020 when he relocated to Melbourne, Australia. While riding out the pandemic, Dave published his latest book, Laughter Lost and Found, launched the Principles of Laughter program featuring daily Laughter Gym sessions, and he started a unique book club called the Pronoia Experimentation Pod.
Dave has laughed with people from all 50 United States and 70 other countries (so far!).

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What They Say About Dave

Family/Teen/Youth Coach Jasmine Navarro interviewed Dave on LinkedIn with great curiosity about all things laughter and coaching. (March 3, 2021)
The Authentic Dad podcast host David Waranch interviewed Dave about overcoming mental illness, the most influential books he's read, his past career in radio, and transcending Laughter Yoga by exploring laughter as the sound of joyful breathing.
(February 11, 2021)
Lawyer and neuroscientist Elva Zhang interviewed Dave for her Peace Lab podcast about the biggest Laughter Life Lesson accounting for why 2020 was so fertile for him creatively and spiritually. (January 13, 2021)
Mark Faithfull from the Malmesbury Speakers Academy teaches public speaking skills. He featured Dave on his podcast sharing a valuable lesson learned from Dave's most successful speaking engagement ever, and then again from his biggest flop!; also an essential life hack revealed by laughter; and the sex scandal that kicked off months of lockdown in Melbourne due to the second wave of Covid cases. (October 20, 2020)
Dave appeared as a guest on the 
Natural Comfort Specialist podcast 
sharing how laughter can help make visiting the dentist more comfortable and less stressful or scary. 
(December 30, 2019)
Brandon Baker of Life Coach Path interviewed Dave for a series on coaches with unique styles. It appears on the National Coach Academy website. (December 29, 2019)

Watch Dave and his old radio pal Zee having fun, laughing on the EC Radio podcast (December 3, 2019)

Watch Dave and his old radio pal Zee having fun, 
laughing on the EC Radio podcast (December 3, 2019)


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