Befriending Your Breath (MP3)
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A three-part audio series to help you: 
  • Be more present in the moment
  • Stay consistently mindful of your breathing
  • Laugh effortlessly every day
  • ​Reduce stress and tension in your mind and body
  • ​Improve your circulation and sleep
  • Strengthen your immune system
Here are samples of the recordings:
Morning (Just Dave)
Morning (With Background)
Daytime (Just Dave)
Daytime (With Background)
Evening (Just Dave)
Evening (With Background)
More About This Audio Series
“Laughter is the sound of joyful breathing.” ~ Dave Berman
Imagine being more present – having greater awareness of your breath, laughing more often, and finding ease in making choices and taking actions.

Imagine being physically relaxed during challenging situations that used to leave your neck, shoulders and back feeling tight.

Imagine lowering your stress, improving your circulation, and strengthening your immune system.

Now imagine these life enhancements emerging from learning you do in your sleep!
Well, almost, anyway. 

The first recording in the Befriending Your Breath series works as a morning alarm to gently awaken you with Dave’s soothing hypnotic voice and energize you with the soft sounds of his infectious laugh. The third recording will help you fall asleep at night.

In the first few minutes of waking up, the mind is in the hypnopompic state, a period where your awareness of the outside world gradually expands but you are still subconsciously receptive to suggestions as if you are in hypnosis. It is the perfect time to receive this brief inspirational message. There is a similarly valuable hypnagogic state your mind passes through as you drift off to sleep.

The morning recording has two built-in Snooze breaks. That means the talking stops but the recording continues and laughter returns after a few minutes to make sure you’re awake by the end (you can still set another more traditional alarm as a backup just in case). The evening recording trails off to let you integrate the message as you fall asleep.

The middle recording can be used anytime during the day to practice an exercise called Laughter Intervals, alternating designated periods of laughing and breathing, along with more inspiring words about the value of choosing to do this every day.

All three recordings come with two versions, one containing just Dave’s voice and another with background sounds or music. You may find you have a preference, or perhaps you will enjoy alternating from time to time. The six .mp3 files are downloaded in a single .zip file. Click this Befriending Your Breath User Guide (.pdf) for the simple steps to download and set up the recordings first on your computer then on your phone. Scroll up to hear samples of each recording.
"At a time when I found myself often short of breath, I asked Dave to create a hypnosis recording to help me be aware of my breathing. I was delightfully surprised when he developed the Befriending Your Breath mini-session, incorporating laughter - as the sound of joyful breathing. 

This recording helped me pay attention to the rhythm of my breathing, and taught me the true meaning of inspiration. After only a few listens, I found myself breathing deeper during exercise, falling asleep easier, and feeling less stress during difficult situations.

The recording was so well thought out and spoken, I suggested he offer it for sale. Dave surprised and impressed me once again by expanding on the subject, and professionally producing this three-part Befriending Your Breath audio series."

~ Jim Nelson, Digital Nomad

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Laughnosis Meditation 
($49 value)

Laughter is hypnotic. Following a laughter session with Dave is a great time to listen to this Laughnosis meditation (.mp3) to reinforce and enhance the benefits of your experience together. 

Laughnosis Meditation 
($49 value)

Laughter is hypnotic. Following a laughter session with Dave is a great time to listen to this Laughnosis meditation (.mp3) to reinforce and enhance the benefits of your experience together. 
"Two years ago, when I first listened to Befriending Your Breath, while I was excited and curious to listen and learn, I don't think I was in a space in my personal growth and laughter journey to truly understand and appreciate all that you were sharing and teaching in these tapes. 

But having said that, there were words you shared that positively impacted the way I viewed laughter yoga and the way I share laughter activities now. I never liked the phrase 'fake laughter' and once you shared the phrase 'laughter is the sound of joyful breathing', it was as though a light bulb turned on in my head. So now I share that concept. 

When I teach the concept of laughter yoga to new people, I talk about allowing laughter sounds on the exhale. When I lead my zoom sessions and am focusing on breathing exercises, I share that participants can laugh or make laughter sounds on the exhale-such a different way to view breathing and laughter yoga, such a much more mindful way of tuning into our bodies and how we can choose to exhale!! 

I've just gone back to re-listen to Befriending Your Breath and am hearing and connecting more to your teachings, and see how much of how I've become with my laughter now is a result of tuning in-to my breath, and from my breathing joyfully. I highly recommend your recordings and am looking forward to listening more now, with my 'new' ears."

~ Miriam Gassman, Fort Collins, CO 
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