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Laughing Even When Nothing Is Funny Will Change Your Life
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5 Ways Laughter Will Change Your Life
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From the guy whose daily laughter practice started in 2011, and has led him to laugh with people from all 50 United States and 69 other countries, in nearly 1200 videos, produced daily for nearly 3.5 years...

Laughter Life Lessons show up in all parts of Dave Berman's coaching, workshops, speaking, and writing. He has distilled this most powerfully in the free ebook, 5 Ways Laughter Will Change Your Life. Enter your email to get the .pdf.

Harness Unlimited Resilience, 
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What can laughing on purpose offer on top of lowering stress, boosting your immune system, and fostering a sense of connection? Laughter Life Lessons reveal the secrets of your mental immune system, and how to allow its auto-correct function to kick in. 

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