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Laughing Even When Nothing Is Funny Will Change Your Life
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5 Ways Laughter Will Change Your Life
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What's the least you can do for a healthier, happier, more peaceful life? How can you have a quieter, calmer mind, more often? What is the secret to unlimited resilience? Find out in my free ebook, 5 Ways Laughter Will Change Your Life

I'm Dave Berman, and practicing intentional laughter every day since 2011 has transformed my hypnotherapy and coaching work, inspired nearly 3.5 years of daily videos, and literally taken me around the world. This .pdf contains my most essential Laughter Life Lessons.

Harness Unlimited Resilience, 
Confidence And Creativity

What can laughing on purpose offer on top of lowering stress, boosting your immune system, and fostering a sense of connection? Laughter Life Lessons reveal the secrets of your mental immune system, and how to allow its auto-correct function to kick in. 

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