Erasing Your Anxiety and 
Calming Your Kids

A Joyful Breathing Bootcamp On Zoom
Presented by Life & Laughter Coach 
Dave Berman

Saturday, 23rd May 2020
8:30am/NY, 1:30pm/London, 
10:30pm/ Melbourne
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Erasing Your Anxiety and Calming Your Kids

Erasing Your Anxiety 
and Calming Your Kids

Self-Care You Can Share

(Especially while home schooling and working in lockdown!)

Self-Care You Can Share

(Especially while 
home schooling and 
working in lockdown!)

Are you feeling overwhelmed right now? 

 Life has become too heavy and serious

 You may be afraid or stressed about daily living

 Frustration is frequent and patience is too rare

 Future uncertainty can seem unsettling

 And right now, you might be working while home schooling your kids, putting extra strain on everyone

It’s a challenging time. 
Finding ways to help you cope is important.

Nobody wants to have meltdowns every day. Or arguments with the kids. And what about your other relationships? You need to be in a good place to nurture those too. It’s exhausting when everything gets on top of you. 

Things could be so different…

  • Imagine a life where you and your family can relax again 
  • ​Blood pressure normalizes and your immune system strengthens
  • Stress is physically, chemically, and mentally reduced
  • ​​You take everything in stride because inside, you're grounded 
  • You’ve found a lighter side to yourself
  • ​Your perspective on anxiety and fear has evolved
  • ​You can handle anything now
  • ​Learning to relax provides huge benefits, however you look at it

The power of intentional, playful laughter

We’re all born with the ability to laugh. Babies laugh before they can even speak a language or understand humor. 

But as we get older, we laugh far less. ​Life gets more serious and being playful seems frivolous.

​Yet science shows physical and mental benefits from laughing. ​That’s why people around the world practice intentional laughter on a daily basis.

​The body doesn't distinguish laughing on purpose from laughing at humor. ​Both are beneficial, but only one is sustained long enough to be a cardio/core and mental/spiritual workout!
  • We’re all born with the ability to laugh. 
  • Babies laugh before they can speak or understand humor. 
  • But as we get older, we laugh far less.
  • ​Life gets more serious and being playful seems frivolous.
  • ​Yet science shows physical and mental benefits from laughing.
  • ​That’s why people everywhere practice intentional laughter daily.
  • ​The body doesn't distinguish laughing on purpose or at humor. 
  • ​Both are beneficial, but only one is a genuine workout!

Unconditional laughter - and the deep joyful breathing involved -  naturally eases anxiety and allows your mental immune system to auto-correct. You feel lighter, happier and more connected to yourself and others. 

Feel more relaxed with just one breath

Feel more relaxed with 
just one breath

Glimpse a new understanding of life 
in just one hour

Glimpse a new understanding of life 
in just one hour

Watch the replay of the workshop
Erasing Your Anxiety and Calming Your Kids

Watch the replay of 
Erasing Your Anxiety 
and Calming Your Kids

If you’re overwhelmed, stressed or afraid, this is for you... 

  ​Explore a noisy and fun way to meditate

  ​Discover laughter is the sound of joyful breathing

  ​No trying to quiet your mind, just befriending your breath

  15+ playful ways to both exercise AND calm your kids and self

  Reduce the chaos and increase the focus - inside you, then out

  Enhance your sense of connection and improve cooperation

  Experience the fun and deep wisdom of Laughter Life Lessons

Laughter is more contagious than any virus, 
with symptoms you can always see and feel.

Laughter really can change your life.

Erasing Your Anxiety and Calming Your Kids

Joyful Breathing Bootcamp

Recorded 23-24 May 2020

The workshop is fun, practical and insightful. You’ll come away feeling more relaxed, having learned how to erase your anxiety and calm your kids (or others close to you).

If you have not worked with me before, rest assured, you are not alone. The workshop might be a one-off experience, or you may want it to be the start of a life altering journey we take together.
Isn’t it time you did something practical to take care of yourself?
Lifetime access to the replay of this workshop is just $35USD.
It’s a small investment to start transformational change in your life .
And there’s more…
I want you to have everything you need to calm your family. 
So, when you sign up for the one-hour workshop, you’ll also get:

5 Ways Laughter Will Change Your Life ($10 value)

Five of the most essential laughter life lessons condensed into a quick and easy read (.pdf).  The perfect companion to the Joyful Breathing Bootcamp.

5 Ways Laughter Will Change 
Your Life ($10 value)

Five of the most essential laughter life lessons condensed into a quick and easy read (.pdf). 
This is the perfect companion to the 
Joyful Breathing Bootcamp.
Plus, you can also have...

The opportunity for a one hour private 1:1 or family coaching session with me for just $99US. Experience a fresh perspective on any challenge or goal,  approaching it with playfulness, fun, and ease.  Single sessions are not usually offered at any price. 

No laughter, know problem. Know laughter, no problem.
Just $35USD gives you this entire package. Allow yourself an hour to explore laughter as the sound of joyful breathing to calm your entire family. This priceless quality of life upgrade is only $35USD!
What they say about Dave

~ Comments from clients and students ~ 

      "My recent ‘aha’ moment - when I focus on laughter as joyful breathing rather than laughter, I never come to a time when I don’t feel like laughing. When I made my joyful breathing a self-care gift, not an ‘I have to do this because it’s good for me thing,’ I always look forward to my 20-minute gift."

      ~ Miriam Gassman

      "I would like to thank Dave for his last workshop « Erasing Your Anxiety & Calming Your Kids » because it was fruitful for me. I used his breathing techniques and applied it in my personal laughter therapy workshop which I conducted for students with mental disabilities. Recently I have experienced several changes in my students especially in their motor skills and language communication. Thank you Dave and keep up the good job !"

      ~ Johanna Dupart

      “No matter how a person feels coming into the workshop (tired, grumpy, worried) they will leave the workshop with a smile. It was a great energy boost for the end of the day.”  

      ~ Darren Begley

          "Dave's laughter session was inviting, fun, and uplifting. He masterfully weaved playful activities and breathwork into an amusing, stress-busting session and shared insightful tidbits of what he’s learned from laughing every day, by himself and with a host of worldwide guests."

          ~ Karen Siugzda

            “I’m that person who invests in me. I’m also humble enough to ask for help. Dave’s Stress Buster Buddy program was life-changing! My business grew, my physical health improved. Long-standing pain melted away and I became very relaxed about many aspects of routine stressors.”

            ~ Misty Barron

            "Laughnosis changed the Laughter AND Coaching games for me. It made me more aware of HOW to use laughter for transformation and not just through taught techniques. Through becoming ‘laughnotic’ or ‘Becoming The Chef (who can cook without a recipe)’ I discovered I have the knowledge and creativity to create powerful techniques/exercises on the fly."

            ~ Bianca Spears

            “I love it. How we took a frustration and turned it into something playful and even enjoyable. It has made me think of other frustrations that we can turn into playful laughter exercises.”

            ~ Rob Marchesani

            "After my introductory laughter coaching session with Dave Berman I went on to enjoy a glorious day. I noticed that the webinar I facilitated later that day was the most effortless ever! No anxious feeling beforehand, no second guessing, I had a playful heart and less of me on my mind. I can see this being of HUGE value to those engaging in creative projects, a more traditional yoga practice, and also entrepreneurship and leadership.”

            ~ Sara J. Sanderson

              Dave Berman is an internationally beloved innovator 
              in the fields of laughter, hypnosis, and coaching. He’s also a consultant, author, and public speaker. Dave is best known for producing laughter demonstration videos every day for nearly 3.5 years, laughing with people from all 50 United States and 69 other countries. He co-wrote Laughter for the Health of It and co-created the Laughnosis training course. Dave's primary focus is using laughter as a form of exercise, self-care, and self-discovery. 

              This workshop was recorded 23-24 May 2020

              (The beginning of the event didn't record and was redone solo 
              but the rest of the recording includes the whole group of live attendees)

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