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Think Less, Laugh More
Here's what you can experience for less than 30 cents a day...
  • Lower stress hormones
  • Euphoric "runner's high"
  • Enhanced creativity
  • More mindful breathing
  • Stronger immune system
  • See through your stories
  • Profound self-discovery
  • Unconditional confidence
  • Effortless decision making
  • Fearless play
Welcome to the starting point of our journey together on The Playful Path. Please register here for my Facebook subscriber community called Think Less, Laugh More. We enjoy a 15 minute daily laughter session and a weekly 20-30 minute mini-class exploring the insights, implications, and impact offered by practicing intentional laughter every day.
My name is Dave Berman. I'm a life and laughter coach. Since 2011 I've been laughing on purpose every day. The results have been transformational, personally and professionally, for both my clients and me.  You can visit another page to read about me. What's important on this page is how Think Less, Laugh More is your gateway to at least 5 Ways Laughter Will Change Your Life.
People with a daily laughter practice tend to be healthier, happier, friendlier, and a positive influence on people around them. When we laugh from the inside-out this way profound self-discovery is also common. 

For example, finding your laughter is unconditionally available reveals many other birthrights also inside you and accessible at all times. These include creativity, spontaneity, resilience, confidence, curiosity, the capacity to learn and grow, plus many more. 

Unlike social laughter clubs, Think Less, Laugh More creates the space for us to explore and discuss the inner wisdom laughter can reveal to us. This approach evolved as a unification of grand visions put forth by my laughter teacher, Dr. Madan Kataria, and my coaching teacher, Jamie Smart.
The double helix shape of DNA shown in my logo reflects how intentional laughter can help us create a more peaceful world while realizing how to be free from psychological suffering - not because we're laughing, but because we discover this is our nature.
There are daily laughers all over the world. I've laughed with them in all 50 United States and 69 other countries (so far!). You have arrived in our community at just the right time for you to begin experiencing the health, social, spiritual and psychological benefits of laughing every day. I look forward to getting to know you in our Think Less, Laugh More group on Facebook and welcoming you to the journey on our Playful Path!


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