Praise for Dave
“Meet Dave Berman, CLYT and creator of Daily Laughers videos!!! I spent six weeks with him in Bangalore. He worked as volunteer. I don’t know how much he learnt from me BUT I learnt from him 2 things. CONSISTENCE and PERSISTENCE. Two great qualities to be successful with anything in life. I have been living these values for years. What ever you do consistently and persist with it is bound to bring results. Well done Dave!!! All the best. Love you.” 

– Dr. Madan Kataria, Founder of Laughter Yoga, Bangalore, India
“Today I watched & participated in the webinar - 5 Techniques for Anxiety (and why you don't need them).  WOW! The embodiment of the inside out understanding / subtractive psychology feels more real to me after watching this class [in the Principles of Laughter library]. Yes I get it! The mind will always self correct when we get out of the way. Love that. Our mind's default state is Peace, Calm, Quiet. To me it feels right to laugh everyday. It feels natural, real & kind of effortless. There is no one laugh that masters laughter - it's not a mastery model. We will always encounter the outside in illusion. Only one thing that needs to happen - we realise it.” 

– Cynthia Laura Price, Adelaide, Australia
Dave's various coaching programs have introduced me to exploring the Nature of Thought. It is an amazing thing to discover that my thoughts are not me they are just stories I tell myself. The thoughts are temporary and the stories put meanings to the feelings however i have learnt by just being with them they will change and help me flow in the moment . When allowing myself to learn to understand which thoughts are true by listening to my body's wisdom has made a huge impact however I know I'm feeling Thought no matter what.

I've found so much more inner peace and an easier way of being as a school teacher of teenage students as well as a model for the students to be themselves to aid their mental well being.

- Sharon Law, London, UK
“I’m that person who invests in me. I’m also humble enough to ask for help. Dave’s Stress Buster Buddy program was life-changing! My business grew, my physical health improved. Long-standing pain melted away and I became very relaxed about many aspects of routine stressors.”

– Misty Barron, Entrepreneur, San Angelo, TX
"I just finished the Stress Buster Buddy program with Dave Berman and I wanna share my experiences with you, especially for YOU who are not sure yet, if this is the right program for you.

I can say that this program worked for me and I can highly recommend it because talking with Dave is always uplifting and inspiring. He gave me more possibilities of how to see something and pointing to different angles of a situation without pushing but always gentle, kind and understanding.

There is no written script for the program, whatever is important for you to talk about...and if you don't wanna talk that's also fine...then just laugh with Dave and find out what is inside of you through laughter.

I always looked forward to our daily sessions and the four weeks flew by so fast. Thank you Dave, I really feel less stressed!" 

– Tina Ziegler, Honolulu, HI

"Recently, before I worked with Dave Berman as my coach, I was very stressed about how I could not finish the book I am writing now. I have been writing this book (much of the time not writing it) for eight years! I was very lucky to find Dave’s online Stress Buster Buddy coaching programme, where I met him online each weekday for 15 minutes. This work with Dave helped me realise I could let go of guilt and recriminations about procrastination. Dave also helped me move forward to enlist the practical help I needed to prioritise and execute the many specific tasks required for completion. I have now made rapid progress in my work, am more relaxed in my steps towards completion, and confident about its publication. Thank you, Dave Berman!"

- Ann Baker, Author of “Ship or Sheep?” and soon also “Six Years in Iran.” 

“I participated in Dave’s Laugh and Learn program in June. I learned so much about myself. I feel like I am a new and improved “me.”  I discovered a confidence inside that I never knew existed. Before the class, I would not believe anyone if they told me I would be making my own laughter yoga videos for cancer related Facebook groups. Now I am doing just that and enjoying it immensely. Dave’s one-on-one coaching during each session was invaluable. I learned so much as he worked with each of us as we explored our life’s challenges. Thank you for the class Dave.”

– Barb Joyce, retired teacher, Tarboro, NC
“After my introductory laughter coaching session with Dave Berman I went on to enjoy a glorious day. I noticed that the webinar I facilitated later that day was the most effortless ever! No anxious feeling beforehand, no second guessing, I had a playful heart and less of me on my mind. I can see this being of HUGE value to those engaging in creative projects, a more traditional yoga practice, and also entrepreneurship and leadership.”

– Sara J. Sanderson, Liberation coach, Sheffield, UK
“I wanted to provide some stellar feedback on today’s session. I speak for the group when I say it was hysterical, memorable, impactful and worthwhile. We were all thrilled with how the laugher session went, the take aways, and the meaningful discussion. Dave, you have a gift as a facilitator! You nudged the conversation and guided us through meaningful topics and I think it tied nicely together. I felt like you were extremely well prepared and I thank you for that. We also loved the exercise at the end.”

– Andrea Bridson, Wounded Warrior Project, independence program coordinator, Atlanta, GA
"Laughnosis changed the Laughter AND Coaching games for me. It made me more aware of HOW to use laughter for transformation and not just through taught techniques. Through becoming ‘laughnotic’ or ‘Becoming The Chef (who can cook without a recipe)’ I discovered I have the knowledge and creativity to create powerful techniques/exercises on the fly."

– Bianca Spears, Empowerment Coach, Sydney, Australia
"I would like to thank Dave for his last workshop « Erasing Your Anxiety & Calming Your Kids » because it was fruitful for me. I used his breathing techniques and applied it in my personal laughter therapy workshop which I conducted for students with mental disabilities. Recently I have experienced several changes in my students especially in their motor skills and language communication Thank you Dave and keep up the good job !"

– Johanna Dupart, Laughter Yoga Leader, Paris, France
"At a time when I found myself often short of breath, I asked Dave to create a hypnosis recording to help me be aware of my breathing. I was delightfully surprised when he developed the Befriending Your Breath mini-session, incorporating laughter - as the sound of joyful breathing. 

This recording helped me pay attention to the rhythm of my breathing, and taught me the true meaning of inspiration. After only a few listens, I found myself breathing deeper during exercise, falling asleep easier, and feeling less stress during difficult situations.

The recording was so well thought out and spoken, I suggested he offer it for sale. Dave surprised and impressed me once again by expanding on the subject, and professionally producing this three-part Befriending Your Breath audio series."

~ Jim Nelson, Digital Nomad
“Thank you Dave for such a great impromptu laughter session and creating Laugh of the Day #653! Together we transformed a long standing irritation I have had living next to the biggest construction project in US history at Manhattan West and Hudson Yards. I never thought to mimic the jackhammering which you were the catalyst for and it feels so good to laugh making the jackhammering movement that redefines the belly laugh to a belly jiggle laugh is the best way I can describe it. I love it and love how we took a frustration I was ready to move from here to get away from into something playful and even enjoyable. It has made me think of other frustrations that we can turn into playful laughter exercises.”

– Rob Marchesani, Psychotherapist, New York City
“Had a really amazing conversation with Dave Berman earlier. We spoke for a good hour about…

…how laughing and laughter is innate to us,
…the parallels between Laughter Yoga & the Three Principles
…and how laughing has such an amazing effect on us……hihihi…of course, we all ‘know that’ but…
…if you want to learn about the ‘Principles behind Laughter’ I highly recommend getting in touch with Dave. It seems he is really into something.”

– Joachim Gerhard, Business consultant, London, UK
“Dave’s mission to inspire a million people to adopt a daily laughter practice is wonderful, and his devotion to that purpose is, in itself, inspiring. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Dave and hosting one of his fundraising events. His openness and calm yet straight-forward demeanor is a pleasure to work with. His laughter session was inviting, fun, and uplifting. He masterfully weaved playful activities and breathwork into an amusing, stress-busting session and shared insightful tidbits of what he’s learned from laughing every day, by himself and with a host of worldwide guests. Feedback from the attendees was extremely positive, many of them eager to share Dave’s message with their friends and families – thus spreading the wonderful message of Dave’s mission even further! I highly recommend Dave and his laughter sessions.”

– Karen Siugzda, Laughter Wellness Instructor, Cherry Hill, NJ
"My recent ‘aha’ moment - when I focus on laughter as joyful breathing rather than laughter, I never come to a time when I don’t feel like laughing. When I made my joyful breathing a self-care gift, not an ‘I have to do this because it’s good for me thing,’ I always look forward to my 20-minute gift."

 – Miriam Gassman, Laughter Yoga Leader, Fort Collins, CO
I’d just like to bless Dave Berman. We had an AMAZING time last night with the laughter yoga. I laughed so hard that I cried because I realized how much I missed hearing my little boy laugh. And what was even more beautiful was having that experience with men whom I love. Thank you so much Dave for such a giveaway last night…it really made a difference for me.”

– John Jones, Mankind Project, Atlanta, GA
“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your laughter workshop. No matter how a person feels coming into the workshop (tired, grumpy, worried) I feel they will leave the workshop with a smile. It was a great energy boost for the end of the day.”

– Darren Begley, C.Ht., Scottsdale, AZ

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